Omicron infections less harmful but further research is required

Omicron infections less harmful but further research is required

Scientists are racing to examine the significantly modified coronavirus and assess its hazards as the Omicron variant of Covid-19 spreads over the world. Omicron infections are less harmful but further research is required.

Ghana, like other countries, has recorded little Omicron. The Ghana Health Service (GHS) reported decreased occurrences of infection in hospitals and Intensive Care Units (ICUs).

The World Health Organization (WHO) predicted that the extensively altered Omicron form will spread globally, posing a very high risk of infection surges that might have “serious implications” in some areas in the coming weeks.

South African scientists were the first to discover the Omicron variant, which has now been reported in at least 89 nations and counting. The severity of the sickness it produces is yet unknown.

The current Ghana Covid-19 cases that were reported by the Ghana Health Service (GHS).

Active cases – 7,353

New cases – 1,197

Deaths – 1,280

For more information and more updates visit the Ghana Health Service official (GHS) website.

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