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Official Results: San Silverstre Vallecana 2021

The full official results for the 2021 San Silvestre Vallecana, Madrid, Spain.

The San Silvestre Vallecana is a  World Athletics elite label road race.

The competition was held on Friday, 31 December 2021.

Official Results: San Silverstre Vallecana 2021.

Women’s International Leading Results

1. Degitu Azimeraw Asires(ETH) 30:26 Course record
2. Edinah Jebitok  (KEN)  30:44
3. Lonah Salpeter (ISR) 31:14

Carrera popular

Men’s 10km

1. David Bascuñana (29:13)
2. Jaouad El Bissis (29:18)
3. Luis Agustín Escriche (30:30)

Women’s 10km

1. Claudia Gómez (34:10)
2. Cristina Giurcanu (35:16)
3. Lorena Lorenzo (35:54)

Men’s International Leading Results


POS Name Time Ave. Pace
1 Mohamed Katir El Haouzi 0:27:45 2’46″/km
2 Rodrigue Kwizera  (BDI) 0:27:55 2’47″/km
3 Nassim Hassaous Garcia 0:28:05 2’48″/km
4 Shadrack Koech 0:28:16 2’49″/km
5 Ayad Lamdassem 0:28:19 2’49″/km
6 Daniel Mateo Angulo 0:28:26 2’50″/km
7 Yago Rojo Sancho 0:28:27 2’50″/km
8 Yohanes Chiapppnelli 0:28:29 2’50″/km
9 Raul Celada Alvarez 0:28:33 2’51″/km
10 Abdessamad Oukhelfen 0:28:45 2’52″/km
11 Ignacio Fontes Garcia-Balibrea 0:28:57 2’53″/km
12 Alejandro Jimenez Vicente 0:28:59 2’53″/km
13 Housame Eddine Benabbou Azizi 0:29:08 2’54″/km
14 Ibrahim Chackir Elosri 0:29:12 2’55″/km
15 Roberto Alaiz Villacorta 0:29:17 2’55″/km

For complete and full results of all participants. Click here

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