Official Ghana Athletics And Django Brothers Pen Down A Historic 3-year Partnership Deal

Official Ghana Athletics And Django Brothers Pen Down A Historic 3-year Partnership Deal

The Ghana Athletics Association has signed a historic partnership deal with the Tema Craft Company. The Tema Craft Brewery is a locally Ghanaian beverage company and they are the manufactures of the Django Brothers beverages. The Django Brothers are well known in West Africa for the production of energy drinks, mineral water, and non-alcoholic beverages. The partnership agreement is subjected to renewal at the end of the 3-year duration.

Mr. Christopher Opara, the Chief Marketing Officer of Tema Craft Brewery said “the agreement has a large cash-based component and that his outfit would set aside at least GH¢100,000.00 for the organisation of a Django Brothers Championships yearly. Since the two organisations already have similar ideas and values, including excellence and self-belief, the agreement was a no-brainer. We hope that this partnership brings us a lot of good tidings, a lot of medals, and, most especially, a lot of great athletes from Ghana. Official Ghana Athletics and Django Brothers pen down a historic 3-year partnership deal.


This agreement marks a new dawn for Ghana Athletics in the coming years for both domestic and international championships for the athletes. The partnership has a lot of benefits for the association. The 3 years’ duration of the partnership is also subjected to renewable at the end.

Mr. Afelibiek Ababu, President of the Ghana Athletics Association said “the partnership agreement was initiated by his predecessor, Professor Francis Dodoo, the former president of the Ghana Athletics Association stressing that it was subject to review after three years. Team Craft Brewery is going to support us to organise athletics activities in the country and every year they are going to sponsor one major event, which will be termed Django Brothers National Athletics Championship. Aside from the yearly major championship, they will also support the Ghana Athletics Association in developmental activities, administrative activities, and then activities towards the development of our athletes, especially their preparation and sponsorship for international activities.”


Mr. Kwame Amponfi Junoir, the Deputy Director (Technical) of the National Sports Authority, assures Tema Craft Brewery that Ghanaian athletes were worth investing in, given their exploits at the recent Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. The government-endorsed such investments in the Ghana Athletics brand and urged more corporate bodies to invest in Ghana Sports.”

The Tema Craft Brewery urged the media to sell the Django Brothers brand, the Ghana Athletics brand, and the athletes to the outside world. The Django Brothers also charged the Ghana Athletics to win more medals at the international championships.

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