NSA Regional Cross Country Championship 2022 Launched

NSA Regional Cross Country Championship Launched

The National Sports Authority (NSA) has launched its fourth edition of the Regional Cross Country Championship on Wednesday, 9th February 2022 at the Accra Sports Stadium Media Centre.

The event is scheduled to will take place at Akim Oda in the Eastern Region on Saturday, February 26, 2022. This will also be the first time the Eastern Region is hosting such a prestigious tournament.

Athletes from all the regions will compete for the honor in the upcoming race. Each region is expected to select 6 female and 6 male athletes to represent each region.

Professor Peter Twumasi, the National Sports Authority’s Director-General, stated during the event’s press launch that the event “solidifies the partnership between the National Sports Authority and the Ghana Athletics Association.”

NSA Regional Cross Country Championship Launched - Reports
NSA Regional Cross Country Championship Launched – Reports

“It is also evident that hosting of this kind of national competition has a positive impact on the local economy as well as showcasing tradition and culture of the people, and to open opportunities in the area for world trade,” Prof Twumasi added.

Dr. Kwaku Ofosu Asare, Chairman of the 2023 African Games Local Organising Committee, urged the media to assist promote the event and bringing the athletes into the spotlight and projecting them to the international scene.

The National Cross-Country Championship will also act as a warm-up for Ghana’s hosting of the 2023 African Games.

After the championship, the top three athletes from each category will receive medals and cash rewards at the Presidency; however, the amount to be earned was not disclosed.

The 2022 NSA Regional Cross Country Championship is endorsed by the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA) which makes it authentic and all the results will be approved and can be used in all other international events.

The Eastern Regional Director of Sports, Member of Parliament for the Akyim Oda, Dr. Amui, Mr. Gifty Fianu, and Mr. Samuel Ayeh were also present at the event.

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