Novak Visa Revoked And Could be Deported From Australia – Australian Open

Novak Visa Revoked And Could be Deported From Australia – Australian Open | Australian Open

Novak Djokovic, the world number one tennis player, could be deported from Australia today after his visa was revoked. Many Australians were outraged when Djokovic was granted a ‘vaccination exemption’ to compete in this year’s Australian Open. Novak Visa Revoked And Could be Deported From Australia – Australian Open.

Following the outrage over the exemption decision, Djokovic’s visa was cancelled by the Australian government when he landed in Melbourne, according to BBC News. The ruling is expected to be appealed by Djokovic’s lawyers.


According to The Daily Mail, Djokovic was subsequently transferred to the Park Hotel in Melbourne, where he is currently awaiting deportation. Other migrants and asylum seekers are presently staying at the hotel.

Fans of the World No. 1 gathered outside the hotel after learning of his imprisonment, pleading for his release. Some wore Serbian flags, while others held banners that read ‘Free Novax.’ Fans argued whether Australia made the correct decision on social media once again as the news broke. One fan misunderstood this to suggest that Djokovic would no longer be competing, while another cynically responded that he would be participating virtually in the competition.READ ALSO

Check out some social media reactions from his fans and they want the world number one be freed to play in the Australian Open Tournamnet.

@JohnnyDelaney9: “Amazing the attitude of people over last two years, the masses now cheer this on? A perfectly healthy man who has tested negative and no doubt excessively tested is denied entry into a country for really no real reason when you think about it…must be 0 covid cases in oz”

@EmmaKennedy: “Oh I do hope there are pics of Djokovic having to get back on the plane.”

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