Most Of My Friends Tell Me To Stop Sports And Find Something Better To Do– Felicia Awudi discloses

Most Of My Friends Tell Me To Stop Sports And Find Something Better To Do– Felicia Awudi discloses

The current state of sports in Ghana, especially athletics is not in the best state to be able to maintain most of the athletes. We talk of football but it seems the women are also facing the same issues and in athletics is worst. Our female athletes are being discouraged and advised to substitute the sports for other work for their future sake.

It’s time we take a critical look at other sports disciplines in the country. We every day encourage the women to work hard but there is no help for these women in our sports.

We had a similar issue here and the story of one of the talented female sprinters in Ghana will shock you.

Felicia Awudi is among the fastest under 18 female athletes in Ghana currently. She won a bronze medal during the 2021 Ghana Fastest Human Meet final at the Paa Joe Sports Stadium in Kumasi, Ashanti Region. She is having a personal best in 100 metres – 12.51 seconds. she also plays soccer and sings as well. had a one-on-one interview with the third-fastest under 18 female athlete in Ghana, Felicia Awudi.


Athleticshour – How is training?

Felicia Awudi “Training is going well as usual”.


Athleticshour – When and how many times do you train in a week?

Felicia Awudi “I train 5-times a week. We start from Monday, Tuesday then I rest on Wednesday and train on Friday and Saturday then I go to church on Sunday”.


Athleticshour – After school how is everything going?

Felicia Awudi “Life seems to be a bit hard after school because when I was in school, everything was going on well, even though I had no parents taking care of me. I still got friends who stand behind me to make sure my life is not lonely. They make sure they help me with the little they have so I can also become happy. But now that I have completed school, they all think I should be working since I have completed school now. Most of them tell me to quit sports and work because they can’t be helping me every day but athletics is my life and I can’t choose any work over athletics and I hope the future will be brighter so I can make them proud one day.


Athleticshour – As you compare training in school and now at home, are there any changes in your running?

Felicia Awudi “When I was in school, I just train anyhow no seriousness. But now that I have completed school, am having more understanding of athletics. I am serious and focused on my training and aim to become the fastest woman alive some years to come, soon if God permits. I hope it will come to pass one day.


Athleticshour – How did you feel about becoming the 3rd fastest youth female sprinter in Ghana in 2021?

Felicia Awudi “I felt so happy and proud of myself. In 2019, I qualified for Ghana Fastest Human Meet final and in my, I came first in my heat. But I couldn’t make it to the final so I said to myself that I was going to train harder and I will bounce back stronger to be in the first 3 in Ghana here and indeed God granted me my wish after my hard work. So I was very, very happy and thankful to God as well and my coaches.”

Most Of My Friends Tell Me To Stop Sports And Find Something Better To Do– Felicia Awudi discloses
Felicia Awudi receiving an award at the Ghana Fastest Human Meet 2021

Athleticshour – Any difficulties you facing as a female athlete?

Felicia Awudi “The difficulty am facing right now is the transportation fee from where I live to train”.


AthleticshourWhat support do you need now?

Felicia Awudi “I just need a good manager or a sponsor who can help bring the best out of me”.


Athleticshour – What should we expect from you in the upcoming season, 2022?

Felicia Awudi “You should expect some gold medals from me next season”.


Athleticshour – Any ambition for all African games 2023?

Felicia Awudi “Am training harder towards it and I hope to make the into the Ghana team”

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