GAF Athletics Team Shines at Accra Inter City Marathon 2022

Martin and Lariba Set Accra Inter City Marathon Course Records

Martin and Lariba Set Accra Inter City Marathon Course Records – The inaugural edition of the Accra Inter City Marathon – 2022 Homowo Marathon – was held on, Saturday, 30th July 2022 in Accra, Ghana, West Africa.

The 21km race commenced at Spintex – Papaye – and ended at James Town – Manste Agbona Palace. The race attracted some international athletes across Africa, Asia, America and Europe. There were about 1000+ athletes that registered, 100 Police Officers and Escort Personals, and 50+ volunteers were also stationed on the roads for the mega event.

The race started at exactly 7:00 am and the weather conditions were perfect for a distance event. The athletes run along the beach road and the view of the beautiful nature of the Atlantic Ocean was superb. Not just the view but they also enjoyed the fresh breeze from the ocean.

Both men and women started the race together and with the senior high schools in the greater Accra and some parts of the country also graced the occasion. Whereas, athletes from all the security services and the tertairy institutions were also present at the event.

In the women’s rcae was a fierce battle between Kenya’s Chebet Zeddy, and the two Ghanaian duos Lariba Sakat Juliana and Rosina Titi. Chebet took the lead from start and continue to increase her pace during the second half of the race. Lariba used her experience to follow her gradually but Titi faded out at the 12km mark.

Chebet changed her rhythm and gave about 200m lead in front but at the 150m point to finish there was a sprint finish by the CAA Region II half marathon Champion to win the maiden edition of the Accra Inter City Marathon in a course record (CR) time of 1:17:25 seconds which is also her season best (SB). Chebet also managed to finish just some microseconds behind Lariba in 1:17:32 – season best – (SB). Titi placed third in a personal best time of 1:22:18 – PB –


In the men’s category recorded some of the top athletes from Western, Eastern and Southern African countries. The race pace started at 60min flat but the leading group reduced the pace as it was beyond limit.

There were about seven leading packs and two different chasing groups. The Accra Inter City marathon is arguably the best field in a half marathon race in the history of Ghana Athletics. The Kenyans dominated the field and there were only two of the local favourite athletes  – Ishmael Arthur and Koogo Atia.

The Ghana Armed Forces Athlete, Ishmael was left back at the 15km mark where the pace was rekindled by his country’s compatriot Koogo.

The other kenyan athletes couldnt hold on to the pace and two of the leading packs faded off again. The winner wasn’t still decided as Koogo Atia and Martin Tirop were both strong and moving with each other sholuder by shoulder.

But debutante Martin Kimurgor Tirop from Kenya used his experience to control the race and outran Koogo Atia at some few metres away from the finish line. Martin won the Homowo Marathon in a personal best (PB) – season best (PB) and a course record (CR) time in 1:04:45 seconds. Koogo placed second in 1:04:47 – personal best (PB) and season best (SB) while another Kenyan athlete Dennis Tumuti also finished third in 1:05:37 seconds.

The route actaully is very smooth and flat with just a small hill – 40m above sea level – at the start of the race and most of the athletes produced good times.

The times were recorded by the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA) and they are the official results. The full results would be publsihed soon.

The event was organised and spearheded by Medivents Consult, a renowned organisation in Ghana, West Africa that has the track records in event organisation.

Africa World Airlines, HD+, Ethiopian Airlines, City Gate, Asky,, GOIL, Oceanic Resort, Acqua Blue, Aliied Consortium, Happy Fm, Escort Ghana and Parin Africa Limited were the sponsors of the event.


  1. LARIBA SAKAT JULIANA, GHA – 1:17:25 (CR) (SB)
  2. CHEBET ZEDDY, KEN – 1:17:32 (SB)
  3. TITI ROSINA, GHA – 1:22:18 (PB) (SB)
  4. DINATU B. YOHANA, NGR –  1:25:11 (PB) (SB)
  5. ABDULAI RAMATA, GHA – 1:25:12 (SB)
  6. NAOMI ADDO, GHA – 1:25:25 (SB)
  7. TUOLONG ROSINA, GHA – 1:25:27 (SB)
  8. BRAIMAH RABIATU, GHA – 1:26:34 (SB)
  10. JOYCE AYAABA, GHA – 1:27:09 (SB)


  1. MARTIN KIMURGOR TIROP, KEN – 1:04:45 (CR) (PB) (SB)
  2. KOOGO ATIA, GHA – 1:04:47 (PB) (SB)
  3. DENNIS TUMUTI, KEN – 1:05:37 (PB) (SB)
  4. JOSEAH CHERUIYOT, KEN- 1:05:53 (PB) (SB)
  5. BASIT AFFUL, GHA – 1:06:33 (PB) (SB)
  6. ISHMAEL ARTHUR, GHA – 1:07:34 (PB) (SB)
  7. ADAMU SHEHU, NGR – 1:07:38 (PB) (SB)
  8. NAKOUSI DAVID, GHA – 1:08:5 (PB) (SB)
  9. SEIDU SALIFU, GHA – 1:08:46 (PB) (SB)
  10. ABOTSI DANIEL, GHA – 1:09:10 (PB) (SB)

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