Maaron Initiative Organises First General Meeting

Maaron Initiative Organises First General Meeting

Maaron initiative organises first general meeting today – The Maaron initiative project members have successfully organised their maiden face-to-face general meeting prior to the launch of the mega project at Nandom. The meeting was chaired by the Chairman of the Project, Naa Federick Noble Baada, and was held on Thursday, 18 August 2022.

Maaron Initiative Organises First General Meeting
A letter was sent to the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Nandom. The Project Manager gave a letter to the receptionist at the Assembly’s quarters

Earlier in the morning around 8:30 am, about 30+ invitational letters were distributed at the office to all the invited guests in and around the Nandom Municipality.

The lighting system was also restored today at the head office of the Maaron Initiative project which has been off for almost two years.

A letter was served to the Paramount Queen Mother of Nandom Traditional Area

“This has been worrying me as a queen mother for so long, especially the girl-child migration to the south in search of greener pastures while still in school. I will support this initiative and all my other 30 sub queen mothers under me”, she disclosed.

The meeting started around 3:20 pm and it took about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Project Manager, Coach Boinde Boniface (Left) and Chairman of the Project, Naa Frederick Noble Baada (right)

Some of the highlighted points raised were;

  •  Preparations for the launching
  • The distribution of letters
  • The invited guests
  • The set up of the venue for the launch
  • Advertisement and radio interviews
  • The way forward after the launch

The assessments of the members were all a positive signal which clearly states that we will have a very successful launch on Saturday, 20th August 2022 at the Nandom Municipal Assembly’s Conference Hall. The launch will commence at exactly 11:00 am in the morning.

Thanks to all the selfless and hardworking members for the tremendous work done today.

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