Let’s Invest in Ghanaian Athletes - Coach Koora

Let’s Invest in Ghanaian Athletes – Coach Koora

Let’s Invest in Ghanaian Athletes – Coach Koora – The Eric Nkansah Foundation was launched on Saturday, 25th June at the Conference Hall at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium in Kumasi.

The launch of the foundation was attended by many prominent dignitaries, past athletes, coaches, and individuals. The atmosphere of the launch was great with a series of events being introduced before the unveiling of the “Eric Nkansah Foundation”.

Mr. Paul Tuffour –a former Ghanaian National Athlete – currently the head coach of the Ashanti Regional Athletics Association – popular known as Coach Koora after the launch with the media said that we need to support Ghanaian athletes and he is very happy about such an initiative from his fellow athlete Eric Nkansah. read more

He made an example by sighting that the reason why Nigeria Athletics is thriving these days is through these types of initiatives “foundations” that are set up by the past athletes in the country. They are achieving their goals and we all can see them now in the international championships.

He also appealled for support from individuals, institutions, corporate bodies, and companies to come to the aid of the Eric Nkansah Foundation and the Ghana Athletics in general. read more

The theme for the launch

  • Giving Exposure to Ghana Athletes
  • Giving Opportunities to Disabled Athletes
  • Giving Exposure to School Youth Sporting Activities
  • To develop Kid Athletes for School Sports
  • Supporting Ghana Athletics to World Championship

He also commended Reks Brobbey, a former Ghanaian Sprinter Athlete and an Olympian for bringing the Ghana Fastest Human Meet Championships initiative.  The GNPC Ghana Fastest Human meet has unearthed a lot of talents in the country. Reks was also sponsored by Adidas during his athletic days. read more

“Athletics is all about money. When you go to Jamaica they say is a business. The cooperate institutions need to come on board and invest and support our athletes”, he added

“Ghanaian coaches are doing great work here, and now what we are lacking is the investment”, he concluded.

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