Lariba Sakat “Am ready to take distance running to the next level”

Lariba Sakat “Am ready to take distance running to the next level”

Running is now becoming a sport that most of the youths are engaging in. in every 100 athletes, you take only 10 of them will be women.  Women are not encouraged to run or become athletes due to family issues.

There are a lot of women out there who are very good and passionate about sports. But the community they live in disregard and discourage them to take a new profession rather than sports. Most people think if a lady takes sports as a profession your whole body will become rigid like men’s body. That myth has created a lot of harm and scares our women to go in for sports.

The world has produced a lot of sportswomen in the industry. Through these sports, some of our women are able to hold a higher position elsewhere. Lariba Sakat “Am ready to take distance running to the next level”.


Kathrine Switzer is the first woman to run the Boston Marathon in the 20th Century. The race organisers getting to know that a lady was part of the race decided to stop her. Although according to the official’s report they said that she entered due to oversight or a mistake on their part. But Kathrine Switzer was determined to finish the race and the fans came to her aid and she was later allowed to complete the whole course. The first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon was in 1967.

But currently, a lot of the women are now allowed to compete in all the events: track and field and the road races. Most of the women are now encouraged to pursue running as a profession in most of the countries.

One woman from Ghana, West Africa is changing the phase of running in the country and the sub-region as a whole. Lariba Sakat Juliana has won all of the races she has ever competed in. She is a genius in Ghana Athletics and currently the reigning champion in the Confederation of Athletics Association (CAA) Region II in the 1500m and the Half Marathon.


Lariba Sakat also won the maiden edition of the Ghana National Cross Country Championship which was organised by the mother federation, the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA)

Lariba Sakat is now at level 200, University of Winneba, Central Region. She is now preparing for the upcoming Tamale Marathon and West Africa International Half Marathon.

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June 2022
  1. Ibrahim, I’m proud of you. I pray you reach where ever you want to 🙏🏽🤲🏽📿 I hope to see you…

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