Keira D’Amato Breaks American Marathon Record At Houston

Keira D’Amato Breaks American Marathon Record At Houston | Keira D’Amato | American Marathon Record | Houston Marathon | World Athletics | Elite Label Road Race |

Deena Kastor’s 15-year-old American marathon record of 2:19:36 was shattered today at the Chevron Houston Marathon. Keira D’Amato breaks American Marathon record at Houston on Saturday, 16th January 2022.

Keira D’Amato stunned everyone by winning the women’s marathon in a new American record time of 2 hours 19 minutes and 12 seconds at the Houston Marathon on Sunday.

Watch Highlights: Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Half Marathon

At the 2022 Houston Marathon, D’Amato, 37, cut 24 seconds off Deena Kastor’s American record.

D’Amato, who is married and has two children and works as a real estate agent, gave up middle distance running shortly after graduating from college since she was not successful on a national level.

D’Amato began running again five years ago, and after nearly a year of preparation, she made her marathon debut at the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach, finishing in 3 hours and 14 minutes. With a run of 2:19:12, she set an American record and a World-class time that could win her any major marathon in the world.

“I keep checking it to make sure that that’s what I ran,”

“I just can’t believe it. I’m really tired but I’m really, really happy…I just feel like dreams come true, you know?.” D’Amato told ABC13 broadcast.

At the 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials in Atlanta, she took 15th place. The same year on December 20 she clocked the eighth-fastest time by an American of 2:22:56 at the Marathon Project in Arizona. Today D’Amato’s 2:19:12 is tied for the 22nd-fastest time in World history.

Results: Houston Half Marathon 2022

Another headline at the 2022 Houston Marathon produced Sarah Hall. The 38-year-old Hall smashed the American Half Marathon record with 67:15 and shaved 10 seconds from Molly Huddle’s previous record. Hall finished second to Kenya’s Vicoty Chepngeno, who won the women’s half marathon race with an American all-comers record of 65:03 and to become the 11th-fastest woman in history.

Leading results women’s marathon

1. Keira D’Amato (USA) – 2:19:12 US National record
2. Alice Wright (GBR) – 2:29:08
3. MAggie Montoya (USA) – 2:29:08
4. Roberta Groner (USA) – 2:32:02
5. Atsede Tesema (ETH) – 2:32:38
6. Brittney Feivor (USA) – 2:32:39
7. Kathya Mirell Garcia Barrios (ITA) – 2:32:54
8. Christina Welsh (USA) – 2:33:00
9. Bookmyer (USA) – 2:33:19
10. Andrea Pomaranski (USA) – 2:33:35

Leading results women’s half marathon

1. Vicoty Chepngeno (KEN) – 1:05:03
2. Sara Hall (USA) – 1:07:15
3.Dominique Scott (RSA) – 1:07:32
4. Finona O’Keeffe (USA) – 1:07:42
5. Jessica Judd (GBR) – 1:07:52
6. Emily Durgin (USA) – 1:07:54
7. Caren Mayo (GBR) – 1:08:41
8. Dakotah (Lindwurm (USA)  – 1:09:36
9. Nell Rojas (USA) – 1:09:42
10. Annie Frisbie (USA)  – 1:10:27

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