Just In: New Date Set For Tamale Marathon

Just In: New Date Set For Tamale Marathon

The maiden edition of the Tamale Marathon has been postponed just a few hours after the start of the event. The announcement was made by the Race Director, Mr. Charles Cobbina. Just In: New date set for Tamale Marathon.

“Due to one or two reasons and consultations with all the stakeholders of this event, we concluded that this race must be postponed. The new date is now on the 20th November 2021. It is not our wish but per the situation, we need to postpone it and do further consultations. We know most of you have traveled far to come here and we are very sorry for this”.

According to the race organisers they will pay them some of the transportation to be able to get back home again.

The Technical Executives of the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA) at the eleventh hour confirmed that the maiden edition of the Tamale Marathon is not sanctioned and any coach or athlete who competes in that race may face sanctioning after.

The reason is that they weren’t invited to check the route and the whole preparations ahead of the race. They themselves don’t want what happened at Koforidua Marathon to repeat itself again.

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