Jay Kay Investment To Support Ghana Olympic Committee

Jay Kay Investment To Support Ghana Olympic Committee
Jay Kay Industrial & Investments Limited pledges support for Ghana Olympic Committee ahead of the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games.
The President of the Ghana Olympic Committee, Ben Nunoo Mensah presented a proposal for support ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in Japan. Jay Kay Investment to support Ghana Olympic Committee.
Director of Jay Kay Industries Investments, Mr. Pawan Aidasani said “Currently we’re doing a lot of exercise books for the needy children who are going to school, but I don’t think many children have taken sports as an academic exercise, you know they take Political Science or Maths, but nobody is taking Sports so seriously.
“So what I will propose is 100,000 or 200,000 copies of my books to advertise for the GOC for free, it goes to children and we plan the back page of it in a strategic way that will let people aware and enroll into a program of GOC. It gives you all the mileage apart from the TV and the media attention because this is going to be with children who will be reading and writing daily and all kinds of activities the GOC has planned.
“We would sponsor that page for GOC for free and we will distribute it and give your copies out so that you can also distribute your copies around but we will be doing the sales of it and of course, it gives you all the adverts platform at the back of the book. A book costs Ghc 1, so if we do 200,000 books, you can see that 25% goes into the adverting for Ghana Olympic Committee” he explained.
Jay Kay often features foreign footballers, but never got Ghanaian stars on local books so that children can admire them.
The Ghana Olympic Committee President, Ben Nunoo Mensah said, “this proposal is specifically for the Olympic Games and whatever support you can give us, but the ideas that you have brought up, we will have a discussion with Executives and see the way forward”.
Amongst the Ghana Olympic Committee, Executive Board Members were Mr. Mike Aggrey Chef De Mission for Tokyo Olympic Games and President of Ghana Golf, Mrs. Delphina Quaye, Vice President of Ghana Swimming, and Mr. Albert Frimpong President of Ghana Baseball and Skate Soccer.
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