Jamaica’s International Athletics Coach To Visit Ghana

Jamaica’s International Athletics Coach To Visit Ghana

Jamaica’s International Athletics Coach Kelly Ricketts is expected to visit Ghana soon. Coach Kelly is also a UK Athletics Performance Coach and he will be coming to West Africa, Ghana in the coming months. Ghana Athletics is now getting international recognition and most of the individuals are ready to support. Ghana enjoys a lot of sporting activities in the country but one of the fastest-growing sports disciplines is now Athletics.

Athletics has been one of the most favourite sports in Ghana currently. The passion for athletics has grown significantly among the youth. Ghana has a lot of challenges in developing these athletes due to the bad policies in our system which doesn’t give more opportunity for the youth to engage in the sports.

The Ashanti Regional Team is having a partnership agreement with Coach Kelly Ricketts to be able to secure scholarships for Ghanaian athletes who are excelling in athletics.

There is a video circulating around which Coach Kelly talking about helping Ghana athletes to secure athletics scholarships abroad. He mentioned some names Mr. Enock Addo popularly known as Champion Man, Mr. Paul Kofi, Mr. Julius, and Coach Koora.

Watch the full video here.  https://youtu.be/qLjzAKAfK2s

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