I Will Run With Experience At Koforidua – A 39-Year-Old Officer Richard Nartey

I Will Run With Experience At Koforidua – A 39-Year-Old Officer Richard Nartey

Richard Nartey, a 39-year-old officer from the Ghana Immigration Service is set to compete at Koforidua Marathon today. He comes from the Greater Accra Region.

Officer Nartey has been competing in the Milo Marathon for many years. According to him, he heard the about Koforidua Marathon and since he has been running the Milo Marathon for several years he decided to come and participate.

“I have been running for the past 18 years now. I had been competing in the Milo Marathon for some time now before it was ended in 2016. I have placed 4th before and even in the 2016 Milo Marathon I took part and my position was 5th. I use to compete with the likes of Godwin Adupko, David Zigah, Evans Pobi, Kassim Mohammed William Akuka, and Malik Yakubu. There were a lot if I could mention I can’t finish”, Officer Richard Nartey said.

The last edition of the Milo Marathon was won by Malik Yakubu and since then, there hasn’t been any race again. The Milo Marathon was amongst the biggest event in Africa and arguably the best in Ghana. That was also the only marathon that was organised in Ghana from 1987 – 2016. He said that his Coach was called Mr. Soga of blessed memories. Mr. Soga passed away last 3 years.

“I have also travelled to Burkina Faso and Cote D’Ivoire twice to compete in the marathon. I didn’t hear about the date early. Because of the coronavirus pandemic (covid-19), we stopped training for some time now. Training is on and off, I just heard about it just a week ago that competition will be coming on. Am coming to use my experience to run this race today”, he added.

He has also won the Accra International Marathon once and the same year placed 13th position in the Cote D’Ivoire Marathon of about 5000+ athletes.


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  1. Ibrahim, I’m proud of you. I pray you reach where ever you want to 🙏🏽🤲🏽📿 I hope to see you…

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