"I was racially abused and sexually assaulted" - Anyika Onoura

“I was racially abused and sexually assaulted” – Anyika Onoura

Great Britain’s national athlete Anyika Onoura has revealed that she was sexually assaulted and racially abused all that while she was competing for her country.

During her 12 years racing for Great Britain and England, Anyika Onuora earned Olympic, World, European, and Commonwealth sprinting and relay medals. But behind her medal-winning smiles was a harrowing journey of physical and mental anguish. Anyika explains it all in her recently released autobiography, My Hidden Race.

From a young age, I was taught that life wasn’t fair. For years my parents had dealt with racism. Their sacrifices eventually provided me with the platform and opportunities to run on the greatest athletics tracks in the world.

But I have experienced things as a British athlete that haunt me during the day and the night. No matter how hard I try, I will never be able to outrun the demons in my mind.

I have been brutally sexually assaulted, experienced frequent racial abuse, and attempted suicide twice. All while competing for my country.

My parents are from Nigeria and from our first day on the street in the suburb of Dingle, Liverpool, I could feel vicious hatred from a local gang of kids: the Onuora family was not welcome at all.

We were used to being the only black faces in a world of white ones but we had never experienced such naked hatred for our faces. We left the house for only two reasons; to go to school or to church. “I was racially abused and sexually assaulted” – Anyika Onoura

The racist insults of those years have never left me.

The word “n*****” was spat at me countless times.

The front of the house became a no-go zone, due to the front window being shattered most nights by bricks.

Every Sunday, just as the minister in leafy Mossley Hill was giving his sermon, our house would either be attacked or burgled by the gang. It became a horrifying routine.

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