I Want To Become The First Ever West African Athlete To Go Unbeaten in 2020/21 Season – Lariba Sakat

I Want To Become The First Ever West African Athlete To Go Unbeaten in 2020/21 Season – Lariba Sakat

Lariba Sakat Profile 

Lariba Sakat one of the best female middle and long-distance runners in West Africa is poised to continue her winning streak coming tomorrow in the maiden edition of the Tamale Half Marathon. She is going into this competition as a pre-race favourite. She has never been beaten in any event from 2020 to date. I want to become the first-ever West African Athlete to go unbeaten in 2020/21 Season – Lariba Sakat.

In 2020, she won the Koforidua Marathon, National Cross Country Championship, GAA Championships (5000m), and Dr. Tetteh Opae Championships (1500m).

In 2021, Ashiyie 5km Race, CAA Region II Championships both in the Half Marathon and 1500m, Asante Akyem Marathon Challenge (12km) and Ghana Armed Forces Championships (1500m).

“I know the race will be very tough for all the athletes due to the weather conditions over there. But I am determined to continue my winning streak. I want to become the first athlete in West Africa to ever go unbeaten in any competition in the 2020 and 2021 season”, said Lariba.

She also emphasizes that she is happy to returning back home for such a great event like this. She commended the race organisers for bringing in the Northern Sector a road race. She also encouraged most of the Northerners to take sports seriously and it will help them in the future.

“Oh yes, through sports I have been able to travel outside the country on so many occasions to represent Ghana. If not the sports that am doing, how can I meet the Minister of Youth and Sports, Honourable Nii Lantey Vanderpuye? But through sports, I met him and we took pictures” Lariba added.

The maiden edition of the Tamale Marathon is tomorrow, 6th November 2021. The Tamale Half Marathon will go down in history as the first-ever most competitive road race event to be held at the Northern Sector of Ghana.



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