I Want To Become Athletics Coach For Ghana – Latifa Ali

I Want To Become Athletics Coach For Ghana – Latifa Ali

Ghana’s Fastest Human Meet has become one of the pivotal championships in Ghana, West Africa that is unleashing most of the sprint athletes. Through this initiative, a lot of talents had been unearthed and nurtured. I want to become Athletics Coach for Ghana – Latifa Ali.

Ghana records in the sprint distance are now being broken by the initiative of this championship. It seems the tradition for this championship is that each year the winners are given scholarships to study abroad preferably in the United States of America. Not to mention are Emmanuel Dasor, Joseph Paul Amoah, Latifa Ali and Benjamin Azamati, and others.

Latifa Ali won under 18 in the female category in 2015 and also won the senior women’s division in 2019 in Kumasi. She won the race whiles preparing ahead of her final exams “West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE)”.

Athleticshour.com came across a short video from Latifa’s official Instagram account dated back in 2015 while she was prophesying about her future dreams and what she wants to come after.

Sometimes we say ‘’ faith is the belief of the unseen things that we know it will surely come to pass, while others say faith can also move mountains”. Both the Holy Bible and the Holy Qur’an all talk about faith.

“I am writing my finals exams and am studying hard whiles training. From here, I want to go to school in the US and become an athletics coach for Ghana. Today, I am Ghana’s Fastest Human under 18”, said Latifa.

She later thanked one man called Sir Frank. Athleticshour.com can’t substantiate whether Sir Frank is her coach or not.

Latifa is currently in the United States and studying at the Coppin State University in Baltimore. She was part of Ghana’s 4 × 100 metres relay team during the 2021 World Athletics Relays Championships in Silesia, Poland. Unfortunately, the Ghana women’s 4 × 100 metres relay team missed out on automatic Olympic qualification.

Watch her full statement here


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