I Thank God For Completing The Race – Julius Ceasar Kyasanku

I Thank God For Completing The Race – Julius Ceasar Kyasanku

Julius Ceasar Kyasanku is a Ugandan athlete. He is 26 years of age and works as a personal trainer and fitness coach for Athletics. He has a National Diploma in Fisheries Management and Technologies. I thank God for completing the race although I got injured – Julius Ceasar Kyasanku

Julius competes in middle and long-distance events on the track and road respectively.  Julius competed at Amina Hospital Half marathon 2021 on Friday, 31st December 2021 at United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Amina Hospital Half Marathon was held in Ajuman, on the Eve of New Year,  31st December 2021.  It’s an annual race organised by UAE but is open to all nationalities with a lot of prizes given to the first top-three finishers.

“My time wasn’t good at the end because of the sitch I got at the 13th km but I clocked the 5km at 16:18 and 10km at 33:24 my pace was fine and I was having it in a plan to kick fast the last 10 km with the pack but I didn’t make it after breaking down to the pace of 5:17 on 13km and down to 6:47 pace at 14th km but I picked up slowly up to the end of the race with good pace”, Julius narrated.

“I thank God that I finished the race without quitting and it was my first 21km race in UAE and since four years ago this was my longest distance running a competition so to me it’s a great experience as am shifting from track to road distance next race is Dubai Super Sports Race 3 but this time it’s 10km as am planning to get faster this will be my time trial by fetching a new personal best (pb)”, he added. 

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