I Know Coach Sule And We Are From The Same Town But He Has Never Trained Me Before – Elizabeth Azure

I Know Coach Sule And We Are From The Same Town But He Has Never Trained Me Before – Elizabeth Azure

Elizabeth Azure is one of the best females leading distance runners in Ghana, West Africa. She hails from Garu Tempane in the Upper East Region. One of our inside exclusive interviews was with one Coach from the Upper East Region named Coach Sule. In the said interview Coach Sule said he has trained a lot of athletes and now national assets but he has been sidelined and neglected in the sports. Coach Sule mentioned a few names and Elizabeth Azure was among that list. I know Coach Sule and we are from the same town but he has never trained me before – Elizabeth Azure.

Elizabeth has clarified the statement made by Coach Sule as “she was part of the athletes he has trained”.

She said “in 2010 I went to Bolgatanga for inter-district to select athletes for Milo Marathon under 15 race. Coach Sule was also from Garu Tempane but was training on my own. Coach Sule and I, went there as a team from Garu Tempane but we were all individual athletes. Coach Boniface saw me and we both spoke during that competition. Coach Boniface said ‘he wanted to train me” but I was staying at Garu Tempane and Coach too was from Navrongo. Coach Boniface came to my hometown in Garu and spoke to my parents and they agreed. So I left Garu and moved to Navrongo and stayed with Him.”

Coach Sule also said that Lariba Sakat won the last edition of the Milo Marathon that was in 2016, No, I, Elizabeth Azure won it. The records are there and everyone can check.

Yes, I can’t deny the fact that he trained Asibi, Hawa, and other colleagues but he never trained me.

Coach Sule Mohammed and I, are from the same town, Garu Tempane in the Upper East Region. My explanations here don’t mean he is not a good coach, he is very good and he has helped a lot of our hometown athletes. He also trains footballers as well.

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