I Knew Nothing About Athletics When I Was A Kid – Benjamin Azamati

I Knew Nothing About Athletics When I Was A Kid – Benjamin Azamati

The Ghana Record Holder in the 100 metres dash has disclosed that he didn’t know anything like athletics do exist when he was a kid. The only sport that was familiar was football. Olympian Benjamin Azamati has become one of the main topics of discussion worldwide after he broke the national record.

We all taught  Azamati started athletics as a kid but that is not the case. He had an exclusive social media discussion about the upcoming Junior Olympics Championships.

According to him if we introduce athletics to the kids early, Ghana will be producing a lot of champions in the coming years. Some of the reasons why Legon Creative Sports is organising this kind of competition for the kids.

“I was a footballer, if I knew Athletics earlier by this time, I would be running faster than 9.97 seconds. This is some of the reasons we have to introduce Athletics to the kids early”, said Olympian Benjamin Azamati.

He further stated that we must make sure the kids are in love with athletics at a young age. If we introduce athletics to them early, they will grow with it like here in the United States.

We need to let the kids fall in love with Athletics early. The kids may have the chance to interact and talk with me as we are doing now. After I will advise them as well before the closing ceremony of the championship” he added.


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June 2022
  1. Ibrahim, I’m proud of you. I pray you reach where ever you want to 🙏🏽🤲🏽📿 I hope to see you…

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