I am saddened because another talent has gone to waste or is about to be wasted – Coach Elorm Cries Out

I am saddened because another talent has gone to waste or is about to be wasted – Coach Elorm Cries Out

Athletics in Ghana is not all that known sports because we don’t value it. Most of the youths have the passion for athletics but their parents discourage them from doing it. Some have the talents while others possess the potentials and when nurtured it will develop and bear a lot of fruits. I am saddened because another talent has gone to waste or is about to be wasted – Coach Elorm Cries Out

I am saddened because another talent has gone to waste or is about to be wasted – Coach Elorm Cries Out
Coach Elorm and the Creative Sports Athletes at University of Ghana Sports Stadium

Athleticshour.com saw a post by Coach Elorm who is a renowned coach in the athletics industry as developing talents. When and how can our perception of sports and academics change?

Here is a story that breaks my heart every time I share it.

“In 2019, I watched a girl of about 13 years, ran 200m, crossing the finish line with 29.37sec (HT). However, she did not just run an impressive time but she possessed a very beautiful running style. Trust me I know talent when I see one. I have spent most of my developmental years learning from the best runners worldwide. So, when I see a replicate of such great talents, I notice them right away.

After the competition, I went closer to this young girl in order to congratulate her and get acquainted with her. In my coach’s mind, I was telling myself “this is a lad I would be honored to groom”.

I asked her for her parents’ number. She gave me the mother’s number. I called her, told her how talented the daughter was. I also told her of the so many opportunities that came with such talent. Without mincing words, I expressed my desire to be her coach (for free) if she wouldn’t mind. I could see she was excited and happy about the idea. She promised to discuss the idea with her husband and get back to me.

A few days after our encounter, I received a call from the girl’s father turning down my offer. He was actually polite to give me the reason for turning down the offer. He said that he doesn’t want his daughter being distracted so in effect all he wants is for the girl to focus on her academics. The girl’s mother lobbied the husband to allow their daughter to join my team for training but he was adamant. He doesn’t see anything good coming from a girl being an athlete.

At that point, I gave up trying to convince them to let this talented young girl give herself an incredible opportunity in Athletics. It was just not my decision to make.

I pray that as there is still time this man will have a change of heart and realize that there is a place for sports and academics to cohabitate in a students’ life. But until that change of heart comes, I am saddened because that is another talent gone to waste or about to be wasted

A lot of mixed reactions and comments were given. Some are encouraging him to pursue further, others are very angry while others are also suggesting that we need to educate the public.”

Read some comments here

Eben Owusu “The father is right in a way, concerning the way the sports ministry rates other sports above athletics or in a way don’t even value it at all.

Which parent seeing that there is no value or little value for such carrier especially in this country will allow his child to undertake it. This saddens me a lot when I see most of our African counterparts shooting high their nation’s flag but Ghana no-no. Hmmm, a lot needs to change in terms of the way the association is run to make it attractive to parents and individuals in this country”

Nana Afua “The father Likes the idea but he is looking at how this country doesn’t appreciate people in the athlete’s zone. If it was to be soccer am sure he will give a go ahead. Also there is the need for you to prove yourself with what you have done for others. But as you do that you have to look at the academic stand of the said girl and when giving the opportunity you make sure Academically too she makes a mark. My humble comment.”

Jafaru Mustapha “Is it possible to show the father what you have achieved as a student athlete. Is possible to tell him about the policies most universities have and last but not least can’t we get some renowned personalities to follow you to go see her father? Senior, let’s get this gem. I believe in what you have seen.”

Holy Sprinters “My brother don’t worry yourself trying to convince them. If they are interested they themselves will bring their kids to u…..    Once they are not showing any interest, it would be a waste of precious time & energy.Let’s concentrate on those who are interested in ATHLETICS…that’s the on way to succeed…”   

Emmanuel Kwaku Afari “Bro am also facing the same problem here. I have a girl who is very good at long distance and has even represented Ghana at junior athletes competition at Cote D’Ivoire in 2019. The Father always prevent the girl from running ooo.”

Bankas Senyo Louis “One of the fastest way to go to USA / Europe now is through educational scholarships”

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