How to watch the Ghanaian Athletes at Tokyo

How to watch the Ghanaian Athletes at Tokyo

Below is the time schedule for each Ghanaian track and field, boxing, swimming, and judo athlete at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. All the times are in our local time. Although some are not favorable as compared to the schedules. But as promised Athletics Hour will bring you all the live updates on all the disciplines especially track and field athletes.

There are six sports disciplines in all. We have one weightlifter, one judo, three boxers, two swimmers, and seven track and field athletes representing Ghana. How to watch the Ghanaian Athletes at Tokyo.

Name Discipline Day Time Date
Tetteh Sulemanu Boxing Monday 3:18 am 26th July
Kwadjo Anani Judo Wednesday 3:00 am 28th July
Samuel Takyi Boxing Wednesday 4:06 am 28th July
Shakul Samed Boxing Wednesday 11:12 am 28th July
Abeku Jackson Swimming Thursday 10:45 am 29th July
Nadia Eke Triple jump Friday 10:05 am 30th July
Unilez Takyi Swimming Friday 10:17 am 30th July
Christian Amoah Weightlifting Saturday 2:50 am 31st July
Benjamin Azamati Sprint Saturday 10:45 am 31st July
Joseph Amoah Sprint Tuesday 2:05 am 3rd August
Joseph Amoah

Benjamin Azamati

Sean Safo Antwi

Joseph Manu

Emmanuel Yeboah

Sarfo Ansah

Sprint Thursday 2:30 am 5th August


This is the full list of all the Ghanaian athletes. We will break it down and bring you deep insight into the track and field athletes.

Tetteh Suleman will take the flyweight, 48-52kg.

Kwadjo Anani will battle in the judo category in the 90kg.

Samuel Takyi will fight in the featherweight division, 52-57kg.

Shakul Samed is under the category light heavyweight, 75-81kg.

Abeku Jackson will be testing his skills again in the 100m butterfly swimming.

Nadia Eke the only track and field lady athlete will start is qualification round in the triple jump.

Unliez Takyi the sensation teenage will take the 50m freestyle swimming.

Christian Amoah will be paving way for the weightlift in 96kg.

Benjamin Azamati will test his speed in the 100m dash.

Joseph Amoah will follow suit in the 200m dash.

Joseph Amoah, Benjamin Azamati, Sean Safo Antwi, Joseph Manu, Emmanuel Yeboah, Sarfo Ansah will be blazing in the 4×100m relay for Ghana.

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