How To Use The Mini Trampoline And Benefits To Athletes

How To Use The Mini Trampoline And Benefits To Athletes


Mini trampolines offer the young athlete the ability to increase air time. With increased air time, the athlete has the unique opportunity to practice various combinations of jumps and turns/spins along with creating efficient landing solutions. The mini trampoline can be used by all athletes and non-athletes. It is also a very good equipment for weight loss. The mini trampoline is movable and can be moved from one place to the other. How to use the mini trampoline and benefits to athletes.

The first time I saw the use of mini-trampoline work was in the book “Refining Human Movement,” written by Paul Uram in 1968. The book had a progressive series of jumps consisting of 90- to 180- to 360-degree turns, as well as pike and tuck jumps.

The Benefits

It only took a few sessions of playing with the mini trampoline to see the wealth of movement opportunities it could offer the developing athlete.

For jumping purposes, we combine continuous bounces, which are more vertical in nature, into a jump and landing off of the mini-tramp, which is horizontal in nature. While the athlete is airborne, we look to slowly add progressively bigger turns.

To enable the athletes to run very faster.

To help the athletes to be able to raise the knees very well.

To help the athletes to swing their arms faster.

Because the faster you swing the arms, the faster the legs move as well.

How To Use It

One of our favorite movement combinations consists of three consecutive vertical jumps, making sure we attain maximum height with good body control, into a jump-off with a 180-degree turn and landing. Immediately upon landing, the athlete executes a backward shoulder roll. This combination of movements is called linking, where we combine different movements into one complex movement pattern to improve all-around coordination.

Watch the video here.

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