How To Run Injury Free

How To Run Injury Free | Run For Long | Training Plan |

There are several athletes that have been complaining and battling of injury and it has been hunting them for several years now.

Below is a guide to help you run injury free for all athletes.

  1. Warm up well before you start any workout
  2. Stretch before your speed work out
  3. Add drills to your workout
  4. Add easy runs to your workout
  5. Yoga is also a way to curb injury
  6. Ice on your leg after hard training
  7. Variety of your running
  8. Use good shoes for training
  9. Change shoes regularly
  10. Rest on your rest days
  11. Don’t speed on your easy days
  12. Massage
  13. Rest when you feel an unusual pains
  14. Cool down after your speed work

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