How To Run Faster

How To Run Faster

How To Run Faster

This will be categorised into episodes and we will bring you an in-depth analysis of all the points being listed. – If you want to run faster, run farther, run easier, or recover faster, you must know what to do.

You must be aware of the elements that influence your performance and how you can improve them if possible, as some can be easily addressed while others, such as age, may be beyond your control.

There are probably aspects of your life that you didn’t realize were important. If you thought you had done all necessary to run as quickly as possible, continue on because you will have a second thought.

The following are both natural and artificial factors that occur in our everyday life, during training, off training, and in our way of life.

  1. Genetics
  2. Climate
  3. Trainability
  4. Technique
  5. Flexibility
  6. Biomechanics
  7. Science
  8. Tactics and Strategy
  9. Nutrition
  10. Lifestyle
  11. Clothing
  12. Fluid
  13. Physiology
  14. Training History
  15. Strength Training
  16. Endurance
  17. Speed Work
  18. Age

In our next discussions on the How To Run Faster episode, we will explain all the following points one after the other. We will seek more advice from past athletes, coaches, and medical practitioners. There will be a video episode and you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel here.

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