How To Prevent Injury: Five Basic Things To Know As An Athlete

How To Prevent Injury: Five Basic Things To Know As An Athlete

Every athlete prefers to compete in all competitions throughout the year. But our body is like a machine without proper maintenance it can break down one day. As an athlete, you need to pay maximum attention to yourself if you really want to take your running to the next level. How to prevent injury: five basic things to know as an Athlete.

To be active in the discipline so far as athletics is concerned, there are a lot of dos and don’ts that go into being an injury-free athlete. Many athletes fall ill into this subject because one way or the other we go by our daily routine both on the track and off the track.

We will discuss these five (5) things to help you stay away from injury as an athlete.

  • Rest
  • Warm-up and Cooldown
  • Hydration
  • Pace set
  • Good training plan


As an athlete rest is the most important tool to comply, sleep helps one to memorise and reflects on what he has been doing either before training or after training also helps an athlete improve in the future. It helps athletes to recover very fast from the workload for the body to regain its strength.

Proper warm-up and cool down: An athlete cannot start his day workout without warming up, that’s preparing the muscles to respond to the day’s routine inadequate warm-up results in the tear of a muscle. Cooling down also helps one’s muscles to relax in a calm way to prevent any further muscle discomfort after training. Don’t forget to include stretching as well.


Hydration (Taking in a lot of water): one thing that makes an athlete be free from injuries is drinking a lot of water, this makes one be hydrated which helps reduce tension among, muscles, bones, and ligaments for easier movement of the body.


Make your own pace: one must take time when training among his colleagues. We all have different strengths so one must take his time go by his own set pace to avoid rush during training or competition to prevent injury. You can burn out easily when you run over your pace.

The proper way of training: the proper technique of training must be done; your training must vary as well to make a proper impact on the body to avoid any injury. Make sure you include workouts like easy run, steady run, weight training, long run, tempo, fartlek, interval, and cross-training.


One must also take injuries seriously one must train with no pain since it can also develop to be something serious to damage an athlete out bring. Sometimes you need to rest for 2-3 days when you feel any pains.

By Awal Sule Mohammed



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