How to improve your running with MFR

How to improve your running with MFR

How to improve your running with MFR – What is MFR and how will it improve your running training? This question was answered by PRO-expert of the Moscow store “Sportmaster PRO” Alexander Gordeev

MFR is a manual effect on the muscles and connective tissue at the same time to relax them.
Recovery is one of the important components of training, where the MFR will help to pay more attention to the feet, legs, hips, and other muscles.

By targeting trigger points, muscles and fascia, post-workout pain and stiffness will go away, recovery will be faster, muscle elasticity will increase, and joint range of motion will increase. And all this will ensure the correct running biomechanics and reduce the risk of injury.

How to improve your running with MFR
Picture: Sportmaster PRO / Alexander Gordeev / Instagram

A huge plus is the availability and a time-consuming process – 10 minutes.

MFR equipment: cylinders of different sizes and hardness, massage balls of different diameters, hardness and combinations, massage handles of different hardness for different zones.

In his work on recovery after running, Alexander uses several massagers from the assortment of the Sportmaster PRO store:

Massage ball Art. I use 9GRBI71L9R to work on rolling out the foot both before and after the race. Cool stuff!

I also use two types of rolls:
Comfortable massage roller from Demix Art. R8Q3F11IBG for those who do not have very tight muscles, as its almost smooth surface does not allow such deep immersion in the muscles.

Roll Art. The DKC04QVWPU is more rigid, has greater muscle depth and better stimulates the muscles and nervous system. The surface mimics the tips of the fingers, knuckles and the palm of the hand and is very cool to relax the muscles after the race.

How to improve your running with MFR
Picture: Sportmaster PRO / Instagram

Double ball Art. HHU8BJ4X6F is suitable for back and leg muscles.

Massage ball-roller Art. 4962VIP81Q is a chic piece for working the muscles of the legs, shoulders and chest. It can be used to target trigger points.

Recall that in the Sportmaster store 30% of the cost of all purchases and services can be paid with bonuses from your runs earned in the Run with Sportmaster Sportmaster PRO TOP100 championship.

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