How To Get An Athletic Scholarship To Study Abroad

How To Get An Athletic Scholarship To Study Abroad

It has been the dream of everyone to travel to the Western World. The perception is that immediately you are there life automatically becomes better. But it has not been easy and some get the opportunity after school to learn oversees. Some also get the opportunity through a family member. Some get the opportunity to go there and work. The most difficult one is an athlete traveling oversee and getting a scholarship to further his/her education.

We are going break down how an athlete can obtain a scholarship and study in any of the European, South America, Asia, Antarctica, North America and Oceania continents.


Rule 1. The athlete has to be good in his or her discipline. In this regards, the athlete must be on top of his or her other athletes and must be extraordinary. Obtaining a scholarship is very competitive and any school doesn’t give scholarship just like that. The athlete must be disciplined and able to be coachable. How to get an athletic scholarship to study abroad.

Rule 2. Apart from being the best and outstanding in your field of play, your academics should also be very important. There are a lot of athletes who are very good but their academics are bad. This circumstance can render your scholarship grant to be abandoned. Athletes need to take their academics serious when in school don’t never concentrate on only the training. Both are combined before you can be granted a scholarship.

Rule 3. Although this not a major aspect in some of the continents but it’s very important. That’s the social media visibility mostly having account on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This may help the school to see some pictures, videos and achievements from the past. Its better those having it will make good use of it. Your post must not be the other way round but all post must be about the work you doing. Those who are not having can open some. Nothing is too late.


Rule 4. The general media must also at least publish some stories about you. This stories are used as a basement to cement the authencity of the rule 1. When the media publish more stories about the individual athletes it gives exposure and makes it easier for the school to know that he/she is truly a champion and deserves the scholarship. The athlete must make sure the media doesn’t write any negative stories about him/her.

Our next post we will discuss how to get a United States of America Scholarship as an athlete.

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By Sekyere Richard.

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