How to be a good start as a young Entrepreneur.

To be a good start as a young Entrepreneur,what matters first is your education and experience.

Other things to do:

Identify a gap in the market: As a young individual , you must know what goes on really in the market. What do people purchase .

Know your audience; Know the people who would like to purchase your goods. Is it middle aged people , old people or children and also their purchasing power.

Never underestimate the power of a solid business plan :You must make sure you have a plan that would keep your business strong and firm.

Road-test your idea: Experiment your idea. Observe and know how your idea perfectly works.

Embrace feedback and learn from your mistakes: Examine your returns and learn your lessons.
Build a strong network: Construct a strong communication between your costumers  and people around you.

Have your finances in good order. Place your finances in a strategic form. Your sales, profit , expenses or loss should understandably and systematic made .

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