Government in Dilemma Over Reopening of Public Schools

Government in Dilemma Over Reopening of Public Schools | Ghana | Public Schools | Reopening | 2022 | Covid-19 | Ghana Education Service | GES

The government is in a dilemma situation when it comes to the reopening public schools across the country. The government of Ghana has become like an expatriate who is at sea over his or her inability to speak any of the local languages mostly spoken by the people of Korle-Gonnor.

This complete fiasco comes as the current regime finds it donkey task to provide textbooks for the basic schools across the country as they changed the syllabi that the students were previously using.


From the looks of things, all the private basic school students returned to classroom except those at the public school institutions. The inability of the government to reopen schools is due to the lackadaisical and feet dragging attitudes coupled with mental laziness on the part of such an oligarchy leadership the people of Ghana are witnessing.

Some concerned parents who are touched by the current hitch, are putting the failure squarely on the curricula department of the Ghana Education Service for not preparing adequately before it carried out such a bogus implementation of the new curricula.


The publishers are not ready to print out new textbooks as the old ones are still in stocks without patronage by students, for they had become redundant and dross.

By: Sir. Eric Godfred Nyameshie

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