GOC President: The Era Of Extirpation Must End

GOC President: The Era Of Extirpation Must End
The era of extirpation must end – GOC president advises media attaches in Ghana.
President of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC), Mr. Ben Nunoo Mensah has questioned the negative branding of sports in the country by some journalists. Their behavior and actions scare away sponsors to come to our sports.
The Ghana Olympic Committee President, Mr. Ben Nunoo Mensah said “some people are only interested in pushing agenda that will only court negative publicity for our sports. He expressed that when there is money in sports, the first beneficiaries would be the athletes, and the second beneficiaries would be the media, so the media should not join those destroying the industry that feeds them
Why are not doing or saying good things about the industry that makes us who we are? Why are we intent on only agenda setting destroying individuals when we can use the platform to say good things or talk about the 95% good things about our sports to make it attractive. We are destroying our own industry. The era of negative branding of our sports must stop,” he stated. GOC President: The era of extirpation must end.
Mr. Nunoo-Mensah further elaborated on the good and bad side of the media. Some journalist always talk about the wrong things more than the positive side. The media always want to the destroy the image of the Ghana Olympic Committee”.
He promised to organize more workshop courses for the media with the backing of all the federations in the country.
The First Vice President of the Ghana Olympic Committee, President of the Volleyball Federation, Mr. Paul Atsu said without the media sports will be stagnant and supported developing sports in Ghana requires the role of the media. He said the media is the entry point for sports development in Ghana”.
”We need you far more than you need us as usual. There is no Federation operating in Ghana that does not need the media. So I want to urge you to continue supporting us,” he pleaded.
Some dignitaries present were President of Ghana Baseball and Skate Soccer and executive board member Mr. Albert Frimpong, Mr. Isaac Duah, Deputy Treasurer and President of Ghana Tennis Federation.
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