Ghanaian Invented Game Ampe Has Come To Stay

Ghanaian Invented Game Ampe Has Come To Stay

The Ampe Association of Ghana held their first encounter with their officials. The seminar took place at the Accra Sports Stadium on Thursday, 24th June 2021.

Ghanaian Invented Game Ampe Has Come To Stay
Pupils from St. Barnabas SHS and some officials

Pupils from the St. Barnabas Anglican Junior High School were taken through the rules and regulations of the game. The pupils also demonstrated their skills at the very interesting workshop. All the pupils became excited as their favorite game about to go international.

Miss Agnes Abefe, Secretary-General of Ampe Association said “Ampe is now being observed and studied by the international federations of sports. The agenda of Miss Agnes is to push the Ampe and can be played during the 13th All African Games which will be hosted in Ghana in 2023″.

Mrs. Joyce Mahama, President of Women Sports Association of Ghana (WOSPAG) “also commended the officials of the Ampe Association. She urged the general public to take advantage of the Ampe and the officials to spread the good news about Ampe. She said Ampe has come to

Ghanaian Invented Game Ampe Has Come To Stay
Mrs. Joyce Mahama and Ampe Association of Ghana


 stay. Miss Mahama appealed to the media to support and promote the most popular traditional sport in Ghana. She advised the young girls to engage themselves more in the Ampe game and make good use of it”. Ghanaian invented game Ampe has come to stay.


What is Ampe?

The word Ampe is a Ghanaian Local language (Twi), as of today it has not gotten any English meaning. But the word itself is regarded as both the Akan Language and the English Language respectively.

Ampe is an indigenous Ghanaian Traditional game that was played by our ancestors back in the olden days. In the olden days while the boys were playing football our girls also used to play the Ampe. This game was only played by girls in the olden days and there is no trace that the boys were added.

Ghanaian Invented Game Ampe Has Come To Stay
How the pupils of New Gbawe enjoyed the Ampe with the Chairman of NCCE of Ghana. The happiness and fun side of Ampe.

The Ampe game becomes very interesting when a boy joins in to play. The moment a boy joins in the playing, a lady’s name will be given to that boy to suit his caliber because they assume that the Ampe game it’s for ladies only. They won’t sack you anyway but will teach you the rules of the game so you can play with them.

Ampe is an indigenous game in Ghana and it was the first game to be invented by our great grandmothers. Since then Ampe has been playing by most of our ladies in schools, homes, workplaces, and many more.

How Ampe is played?

Ampe is a very driven sport and needs a lot of energy. Ampe can be played by two or more people. The game doesn’t need any special or big grounds before it can be played. Ampe can be played anywhere at any time.

Ampe is a game that is played by a minimum of two participants. Both participants stand either EAST AND WEST or NORTH AND SOUTH. The two participants will face each other for the game to commence. There is no referee needed in this game.

Ghanaian Invented Game Ampe Has Come To Stay
Ms. Josphine Nkrumah and pupils of New Gbawe MA Basic School playing Ampe. The power of Ampe

The two participants jump in the air and both bring out their legs to face each other. If I had chosen the left leg, if my opponent brings out her left leg then I have won, so as if my opponent chose the right leg and I bring out my right leg that means she has also won, and the score becomes 1 and still counting continues until we reach the final marks.

The participants count numbers sometimes up to 10 0r 20. The first person to reach either 10 or 20 first automatically wins the game. Sometimes they may have different rules like the Tennis game when you reach 10 first it is counted as 1 for example if both agreed to go to 5 rounds of play or more. Ampe can be played by numerous people in the same game.


There is no age limit to play this game. Everyone lady is eligible to play this type of game.

Ampe doesn’t require any special training and equipment.

The Ampe game is really fun and enjoyable more than football if you are a fan of the game.

By Sekyere Richard

By Athleticshour

Sekyere Richard has had a 10-year involvement in the sport of athletics. He holds a Diploma in Physical Fitness. Sekyere has experienced the sport as a middle/distance athlete, coach, and now journalist and blogger. Sekyere has published several articles on athletics from Ghanaian Athletics to World Athletics. He currently owns and manages the content and marketing development of Athletics Hour. "I am passionate about sports, love writing and interviewing, traveling, and meeting new athletes and coaches. I like to expose the hidden talents in the youth and I am always in search of talents across Ghana". I have volunteered in one of the biggest ultra-marathons in the world "The Elton Ultra Marathon in Russia. Covered many races in Ghana including ECOWAS CAA Region II Championship and multiple roads and track races in Ghana. In 2021, he launched the "Better Ghana Athletics Agenda", which will help support organisers, athletes and coaches in all directions.

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