Ghana Police in Bimbila is looking for pals who assisted a woman in assaulting a rival in a video that pop up on social media.

According to a Bimbila resident, Munira accused the lady of sleeping with her boyfriend named Karim, so she and her friends beat her to teach her a lesson and to any other women who has an interest in the man.

According to the resident, this is not the first time Munira and her pals have flogged a woman for sleeping with her boyfriend.

They claimed Fatawu, a friend of Karim’s, had sent the young lady to him.


The resident added that Munira showed up and found her boyfriend and the young lady in a compromising position.

According to the resident, Munira then organized her buddies to attack the young lady.


The resident told JoyNews that the police had apprehended Munira in connection with the assault and are on the lookout for the others.

A video has now been leaked in which many women are seen hitting another woman who is on her knees pleading that she has nothing to do with Munira’s boyfriend.

The woman’s cries appear to have gone unheard, as the other ladies proceeded to beat her until she collapsed on the ground.