GAF 2021: Team UG Confirms Participation

GAF 2021: Team UG Confirms Participation

The University of Ghana track and field ‘sprinters’ team has confirmed their participation in the upcoming Ghana Armed Forces Championship. When it comes to school sports ‘athletics’ the University of Ghana athletes are among the best in Ghana, West Africa. The school has been unearthing and developing talents in the country and most of its athletes are now competing globally. The University of Ghana has some of the finest coaches in Ghana. GAF 2021: Team UG confirms participation. sighted a post on Coach Elorm’s official Facebook page and it seems they will be participating in the relays only. Coach Elorm is the head coach of the sprinters and he has developed a lot of athletes for the Ghana National Team.

“Ghana Armed Forces Athletics Championship. Team UG will be participating in 4 × 100m and 4 × 400m. Relays are always my favourite track races” said Coach Elorm.

Although the names of the athletes are yet to be confirmed. We will be experiencing a very good and tough race from all the competitors.

The 2021 Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) Championship is an annual event that is being organised by GAF. It is an open championship and everyone can register and take part.

The championship is slated for 1st October 2021 this coming Friday. The event will be held at the ElWak Sports Stadium in Accra.

Read the full schedule of the event here.

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