GAA Press Release on the Sarfo Ansah’s Saga

GAA Press Release on the Sarfo Ansah’s Saga

16th May 2021

For Immediate Press Release To All Media Houses

On 15th May, 2021 the GNPC Ghana Fastest Human finals was held at the Paa Joe Sports Stadium in Kumasi. One of the most promising athletes in Ghana currently run a personal best time of 10.14 which most described as legal time and therefore he has qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games. Sarfo Ansah’s Olympic Time Qualification which was all around circulating that he has run a legal Olympic Qualifying Time and he has now automatically qualified for the upcoming Summer Tokyo Olympic Games. GAA Press Release on the Sarfo Ansah’s Saga.

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The Ghana Athletics Association has gotten that information and immediately release a statement about the said issue.

Below is a copy of full press release to all media houses.

GAA Press Release on the Sarfo Ansah's Saga
Ghana Athletics Association Press Statement

By Sekyere Richard

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