GAA And NSA Must Come Together To Fight For The Welfare Of Athletes And Coaches – Coach Boniface

GAA And NSA Must Come Together To Fight For The Welfare Of Athletes And Coaches – Coach Boniface

Mr. Boinde Boniface (Coach Boniface) is among the renowned and most experienced coaches in Ghana. He is popularly known for his unearthing and nurturing of athletes in the country. He currently trains about 30+ athletes in both categories. The sudden cancellation of the Tamale Marathon didn’t go well with him and according to him, there must be a need for GAA and NSA to work as a team to protect the athletes.

The GAA is responsible for all athletics events in the country while the NSA also supervises all sporting activities in the country, hence there is the need for them to cooperate as a team.

“Why all these? We all have to wake up to support Ghana Athletics Association (GAA) and National Sports Authority (NSA) to fight for the welfare of athletes and coaches in Ghana. But here now, whom should we blame; GAA, Tamale Regional Athletics Association (TRAA), or the event organizer?

But left to me alone GAA should tax or put some measures in place and make it known to Ghanaians that any organiser who fixed dates and times for the event and is sanctioned by GAA, and such event is suddenly cancelled at the last minute without proper information to athletes and coaches should be made to compensate all registered athletes”, said Coach Boniface.

He further asked some questions about the medium of communication and the kind of platform they used to convey the notice.

“If I may ask here.

On which platform or forum do they tell athletes and coaches not to travel until further notice? Even as of now we haven’t heard from the event organiser or the local committee about the cancellation.

When it was to be postponed and we were in Tamale, we were all told in a meeting that due to incomplete formalities which he explained that if the event comes on a schedule, it will affect athletes and coaches, and therefore, it will be postponed to the 20th November”, he asked.

He again throws more light on the expenses coaches made before going for a competition in Ghana here. We are all aware that there is no sponsor for our running clubs and they do pre-finance their own expenses.

“Hence, considering the time and expenses involved in going back and coming again, some of us made arrangements for some of our athletes to stay back in Tamale to train and wait for the marathon, after comparing the lorry fare and feeding cost.

When it was rescheduled to 27th November, the information was given to us directly and on this platform too. As a result, our athletes are still in Tamale waiting, of which the organiser is aware.

As we speak, most of the athletes are there to acclimatise themselves to the weather over there.

It is sad and indeed unfortunate to hear this distasteful news, but God knows” Coach Boniface added.

Will the GAA and NSA listen to this mouthpiece and act next time to protect the image of Ghana Athletics in the future? can say that the future is now because what we do today will determine the future.



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