Full Speech of Naa Frederick Noble Baada at Maaron Initiative Launch at Nandom

Full Speech of Naa Frederick Noble Baada at Maaron Initiative Launch at Nandom

The full welcome speech of Naa Frederick Noble Baada at the launch of the Maaron Initiative at Nandom Municipal Assembly’s Conference Hall.

Chairman of the Maaron Project, “NAA FREDERICK NOBLE BAADA”, Chairman of the launch, Royal Highness Naa Professor Edmund Gmeny Delle Chiir VIII, Paramount Chief of the Nandom Traditional Area, The Nandom Traditional Council, the Honourable, Upper West Regional Minister and his entourage, the Member of Parliament of the Nandom Constituency, the Hon MCE of Nandom Municipal Assembly, Paramount Queen Mother, Namine & Pognamine, Service Commanders, Co-ordinating Directors, Directors of the Ghana Education Service, Other Heads of Department and Institutions, Distinguished Invited Guests, Students, Media Houses present, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I greet you.

On behalf of the Maaron Initiative Project Team, I wish to welcome all of you to the official launch of the Maaron Initiative Project, here in Nandom.

The Project Team is very happy and highly elated to see all of you, distinguished personalities who have taken time off your heavy official schedules to participate in this official launching programme.

Naa, Chairman, Distinguished Guest, the Maaron Initiative seeks to unearth talents amongst the youth and children in the field of sports, especially in athletics; harness, sharpen their skills, and develop their optimum potentials for their personal development and for the accelerated socio-economic development of families, communities, Nandom and the Upper West Region in particular, and Ghana as a whole.

Hence, the Maaron initiative exists to promote human development through sports and education. We, therefore, strive to build and develop human capital through sports and education.

Our initiative is against the backdrop of the huge potential the Upper West Region is endowed with in the field of sports and education but which is hardly tapped. Even the few who are identified hardly even get to their full potential in their athletics and education careers.

In effect, they hardly reap the full benefits of their talents, skills, and potential.

To this and Maaron initiative serves as a platform that leverages our children and the youth into the limelight and affords them the opportunities to participate in local, regional, and international athletics meets.

In the event, they get projected, promoted, noted, selected, and supported in diverse ways for their mutual benefit and progress.

In fact, Maaron Initiative opens doors for these young ones to the full realization of their talents. They are able to gain academic mentorship and educational sponsorship to further their education beyond SHS. Many through sports facilitated by Maaron Initiative got recruited into the security services or employed in other public and private work.

So, they are able, through the initiative of the Maaron Project to gain admission with full bursary into tertiary educational institutions at home and abroad.

Needy parents are relieved of the financial burden that they would have otherwise had to bear. And these beneficiaries enjoy golden opportunities to realize their full dreams in sports and education.

Naa, Chairman, Distinguished Guest, Ladies and Gentlemen, this official launch of the Maaron Initiative seeks to formally outdoor the project, publicise it, and tell its success stories hither to so unknown to the general public.


Scholarships – 10 athletes – 2 in the United State; 12 – University for Development Studies (UDS); 8 ladies + 6 males – University of Cape Coast (UCC); Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) – 14 – 8 males and 6 females; and another 6 females waiting to pass out; Ghana Police Service – 6; Ghana Prisons Service – 4; Ghana Fire Service – 7 waiting to pass out; Numerous for direct and indirect employment; Teachers – 20+; Nurses – 10+

The launch also draws officialdom closer to the project so that the efforts of the initiative to build the country through sports and education can be appreciated better. In this vein, benevolent benefactors will readily support the Maaron Initiative to scale up its activities. Your presence here is an assurance to us that, you will readily assist us when the need arises.

Though we have achieved a lot, but much needs to be done despite the counting challenges. It is for this reason that we entreat all of you – chiefs, queens, parents, the Regional Coordinating Council (RCC), and the various MMD, MMDA’s to support us in this laudable initiative.

The Maaron Initiative since its inception has enjoyed unflinching support from the GES and we hope to keep the mutually beneficial relationship growing from strength to strength.

Naa Chairman, Hon Regional Minister, Hon MP, Nandom Constituency, Hon MCE, Nandom Municipal Assembly, Namine and Pognamine, Service Commanders, Coordinating Directors, Directors of the GES, Hon Assembly Members, Students, Media Houses, Ladies and Gentlemen, you are most welcome to the official launching of the Maaron Initiative in Nandom.

Thank you for honouring our invitation and thank you for your audience.


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