Full Details of the Asante Akyem Marathon Challenge

Full Details of the Asante Akyem Marathon Challenge

Less than a week to go and athletes will be at the starting line for the 4th edition of the annual Asante Akyem Marathon Challenge 2021. The Asante Akyem Marathon is the biggest road race event in Ashanti Region. The event is scheduled for Saturday, 25th September 2021. There will be 2 separates starts at different locations. Full details of the Asante Akyem Marathon Challenge.

What you need to know about the 4th edition of the event.


Females and juveniles will compete in the 12km from Juansa to Agogo.

Males will compete in the 24km from Konongo to Agogo.

All participants are to report on Friday morning. But those from far who wish to be there on Thursday can do so.

There will be free transportation to convey all the athletes from their various locations. The schedule of the bus is as follows. One bus will move from the Greater Accra Region and another will leave from the Central Region. Those coming from the Ashanti Region are expected to join the Central Region bus.

The meeting point of the buses is yet to be confirmed by the organisers.


There will be some snacks for all the athletes after the race only. But all athletes are to feed themselves on Friday or on their arrival day.

All athletes will receive a certificate of participation and winners will be rewarded after the event.

The starting times of both events will be confirmed later.

The theme for this year’s event is “unearthing talents for sports development.”

Click here for the prize money.


The overview of the Asante Akyem Route



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