We do jog to make the body fit and strong. Also releasing some substances unsuitable to be in the body.Meanwhile , we will all these a waste if we don’t take good care of our consumption.

Jogging in the early hours of the day is very essential. It releases most bad bacteria especially through sweats. Because of the mass air into you , you would definitely be hungry. When this happens, you must sure not to eat any food available to you.

These five foods would be great for your body.:

Chocolate milk. Chocolate milk happens to be a perfect post-run drink.
Grilled chicken with roasted vegetables. …
Cottage cheese and fruit.
Pea protein powder.

Foods high in saturated fat, like processed meat or fast food, can slow down the digestion of protein and carbohydrates, delaying your body’s ability to absorb them and replenish glycogen reserves, Barreto says. Alcohol should also be avoided for at least an hour after a run. Thanks for reading.

By Athleticshour

Sekyere Richard has had a 10-year involvement in the sport of athletics. He holds a Diploma in Physical Fitness. Sekyere has experienced the sport as a middle/distance athlete, coach, and now journalist and blogger. Sekyere has published several articles on athletics from Ghanaian Athletics to World Athletics. He currently owns and manages the content and marketing development of Athletics Hour. "I am passionate about sports, love writing and interviewing, traveling, and meeting new athletes and coaches. I like to expose the hidden talents in the youth and I am always in search of talents across Ghana". I have volunteered in one of the biggest ultra-marathons in the world "The Elton Ultra Marathon in Russia. Covered many races in Ghana including ECOWAS CAA Region II Championship and multiple roads and track races in Ghana. In 2021, he launched the "Better Ghana Athletics Agenda", which will help support organisers, athletes and coaches in all directions.

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