Empress Gifty

Who would have thought that an anointed person of great integrity , leading others in the gospel would end in bad note.

These five gospel musicians were very popular bringing out gospel songs that people loved to listen to. However, less of bad news were regarded for these musicians because of the traits they follow.

Empress Gifty, Obaapa Christy,  Esther Smith, Diana Hopeson, Agnes Opoku Agyeman.  These musicians became very famous back in 2001 and 2002.. However, their way of life didn’t went opposites in their marriages.Empress Gifty

Empress Gifty got married to a renowed prophet named Prince Elisha Osei. They both parted ways after ten years of marriage. Empress Gifty is now married to an Npp participant Hopeson Adorye. They got married in 2017.

Esther Smith: got married to Prophet Ahenkan Bonsu. This prophet was a renowed person until more of accusations from the singer, Esther Smith rose up and the marriage dissolved.Esther Smith

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Agnes Opoku Agyeman : She was the singer of “Ye Medusua”. This woman had parted ways with a prophet of Fire Chapel in Kumasi. Her reasons , unknown to the mediaAgnes Opoku Agyeman

Obaapa Christy  also got married to  a pastor named Pastor Hammond Love. Obaapa Christy had three children with him after some assault because to the media between these. Obaapa  Christy shared some violences she experienced in her marriage. She later divorced but now happily married.Obaapa Christy

Diana Hopeson got divorced many years of ago of claims of abuse. She’s not currently not seen in the media but continues her career in music.Diana Hopeson




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