Erlinda Biondik breaks 80 & 160km at age 80

Erlinda Biondik breaks 80 & 160km at age 80

All ages are submissive to ultramarathons! 82-year-old Erlinda Biondik from Canada has become the oldest woman to cover 50 and 100 miles (80 and 160 km). In May, she broke a six-day world record by reaching 403 kilometers in 144 hours at the 3 Days at the Fair ultra in New Jersey.

A few days after the record, Erlinda returned to training. In July, she will run the Sri Chinmoy 24-Hour Marathon and the famous Grand Canyon route. In September, he will try to set a record at Race for ages, an eight-hour handicap race for age categories.

The runner went to the record for two years. Due to covid restrictions, she first prepared in the hallway of her apartment and then began to run on the golf course near the house. Regardless of the weather, she leaves the house twice a day for many years in a row.

“I do a lot to keep in shape. I constantly do exercises for the muscles of the core, do yoga, consume a lot of carbohydrates and eat vegetables at every meal, ”the woman said.

When asked about her health, she always says that there are still many records ahead and she has no time to stop. Such optimism can only be envied!

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