Eleanor Patterson Wins Women's High Jump World Indoor Tour In Madrid

Eleanor Patterson Wins Women’s High Jump World Indoor Tour In Madrid

Australia’s Eleanor Patterson won the women’s high jump with 1.96m in Madrid whilst Finland’s Ella Junnila also placed second with 1.90m and Marija Vukovic from Montenegro also finished third with 1.87m.

She had a clean sheet clearing all heights until 1.96m to win her second World Indoor Tour Gold competition.

The Olympic fifth placer fouled her three attempts at the Oceanian indoor record mark of 2.00m.

European indoor bronze medallist Ella Junnila from Finland cleared 1.90m to take second place, beating Marija Vukovic from Montenegro, who jumped 1.87m at the first time of asking before fouling her three attempts at 1.90m.ng

Leading Results

  1. Eleanor Patterson – Australia – 1.96m
  2. Ella Junnila – Finland – 1.90m
  3. Marija Vukovic – Montenegro – 1.87m
  4. Emily Borthwick – Great Britain – 1.87m
  5. Heta Tuuri – Finland – 1.83m
  6. Jennifer Rodriguez – Colombia – 1.78m


Full Results

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