Doping: Swiss Athlete Alex Wilson banned for 4 years
Doping: Swiss Athlete Alex Wilson banned for 4 years
Doping: Swiss Athlete Alex Wilson banned for 4 years
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In 2018, Basel’s Alex Wilson won the bronze medal in the 200m at Euro 2018 in Berlin in extremis and, alongside Lea Sprunger (title in the 400m hurdles) and Tade Abraham (silver medal in the marathon), became a headliners of Swiss athletics.

During the 2019 Swiss Athletics spring press conference, Wilson announced that he wanted to become the first Swiss under 20 seconds on the half lap. In early June, he ran in 10″46 (100m) and 20″63 (200m) in Zofingen, then in 10″54 and 10″38 in Basel, before running in 10″18 and 10″08 over 100m , then in… 19″98 over 200 m at the 40th international Resisprint . Everyone exclaims. Him first.

In 2020, Wilson is not running. In 2021, he starts the season with 6 races between 10″66 and 10″38 over 100m and 4 between 21″17 and 20″68 over 200m. Before leaving for training camp in the United States, where at the end of the course he scored an incredible 9″84 (European record), then 19″89 (national record) on July 18 in a funny race and in funny company to Marietta. The media picked up the news in unison, noting that Wilson is in very good pre-Olympic form and is now among the favorites for the Olympics ( see our review article here ). The times are ultimately not approved.

On July 28, a dramatic turn of events, Swiss Athletics announces: “ Alex Wilson will miss the Olympics due to procedure  ”

Almost a year later, on June 28, 2022, Swiss Olympic retraces the story in this press release titled “Alex Wilson found guilty of doping and suspended for 4 years”:

“The Swiss Disciplinary Chamber of Sport (CD) sentenced sprinter Alex Wilson to a 4-year suspension for intentional doping with the substance trenbolone and a payment of 13,750 francs.

This decision follows a doping control carried out by Swiss Sport Integrity on March 15, 2021 out of competition. The athlete’s urine sample revealed the presence of a trenbolone metabolite, which rendered the sample positive. Trenbolone is an anabolic androgenic steroid belonging to the group of anabolics, or, to put it simply, a very effective muscle-building hormone. Trenbolone, including its metabolites, is permanently prohibited under the Prohibited List, i.e. both In-Competition and Out-of-Competition.

On April 28, 2021, Swiss Sport Integrity issued a provisional suspension against the Swiss athlete. The latter then argued that his positive doping control must have been due to the consumption of a large quantity of contaminated meat in Las Vegas. The CD then lifted the suspension on May 18, 2021. The World Anti-Doping Agency and World Athletics, with the active support of Swiss Sport Integrity, challenged this decision before the ad hoc Chamber of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). It reinstated Alex Wilson’s provisional suspension on July 27, 2021, shortly before his scheduled participation in the Tokyo Olympics. In its sentence, the CAS concluded that the athlete had not been able to demonstrate that his positive doping control was due to the ingestion of contaminated meat.

Since the CAS arbitration decision, the athlete tested positive has argued that he was the victim of an act of sabotage. Swiss Sport Integrity, however, demonstrated that such a scenario could not be credibly proven.

At the end of these investigations, Swiss Sport Integrity requested the opening of ordinary disciplinary proceedings. The CD came to the conclusion that Alex Wilson intentionally used the substance trenbolone for doping purposes and sentenced him to a 4-year suspension, beginning with the provisional suspension of April 28, 2021. The convict must further pay a fine, the costs of the proceedings as well as the expenses of Swiss Sport Integrity for a total amount of 13,750 francs. The decision has not yet entered into force. The parties involved may appeal to the CAS within 21 days of written notification of the reasoned decision. The World Anti-Doping Agency and the International Federation may also appeal the decision to CAS.

Swiss Sport Integrity reminds all athletes that they must take full responsibility for any anti-doping rule violation, including any consequences that flow from it in addition to the actual sanctions. Such consequences include, on the one hand, the cancellation of all results from the moment a positive doping control has been carried out, with the withdrawal of medals and points derived therefrom, as well as the request for reimbursement of prizes. in cash, and, on the other hand, payment of the costs of the proceedings and the costs.

On the same June 28, 2022, Swiss Athletics publishes this Statement on the Alex Wilson case :

“The Swiss Disciplinary Chamber of Sport has suspended sprinter Alex Wilson for 4 years for doping. Swiss Athletics welcomes the fact that a decision has now been made.

The banned substance Trenbolone was discovered in a urine sample of Alex Wilson. The suspension pronounced by the Disciplinary Chamber of Swiss Sport (CD) on June 28, 2022 applies retroactively from April 28, 2021. All results obtained by the athlete after this date are cancelled.

“Almost 11 months have passed since the provisional suspension pronounced by the CD. It was a heavy time for everyone involved. We therefore welcome that a decision has now been taken,” says Peter Bohnenblust, Director of Swiss Athletics. “Swiss Athletics is grateful that there is an independent and functional anti-doping agency in Switzerland with Swiss Sport Integrity which cooperates with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and that violations of the anti-doping law are sanctioned accordingly. We trust these organizations and support the decisions taken. It is disappointing for us that an experienced athlete has made headlines in this way. »

The parties concerned may appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) within 21 days of the written notification of the decision.

Swiss Athletics is unreservedly committed to doping-free sport and has for years attached great importance to the prevention and awareness of athletes against doping in all areas and levels of performance. In particular with the aim of preventing cases of involuntary doping. »

On the World Athletics Federation website, Alex Wilson no longer appears via the search engine. His athlete profile is still available via the competitions he has performed.

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