Deborah Acquah Dominates At Don Kirby Invitational – VIDEO

Deborah Acquah Dominates At Don Kirby Invitational – VIDEO | Deborah Acquah | Don Kirby Invitational | Ghana Athlete

Ghana’s long jump record holder Deborah Acqauh has dominated at the Don Kirby Invitational in Albuquerque, New Mexico United States.

She won the women’s long jump with a leap of 6.61m on Friday, 11th February 2022.

The sensational jumper has won all her indoor meets in 2022.

Deborah Acquah Wins Texas Tech Open Long Jump In Africa Leading Mark

“Deborah Acquah won the women’s long jump with a series best leap of 21-8.25/6.61m, over a foot longer than Nike professional Rhesa Foster’s mark of 20-10.5/6.36m. The jump ranks as the Aggies’ sixth best in school history. Acquah, a senior, now owns three of Texas A&M’s top six performances”, wrote by

Leading results

1.       Deborah Acquah Texas A&M 6.61m 21-08.25 5 6.35m 6.42m 6.37m 6.48m 6.54m 6.61m

2.       Rhesa Foster Nike 6.36m 20-10.50 5 FOUL 6.27m 6.36m 6.33m FOUL FOUL

3.       Jasmine Todd Unattached 6.31m 20-08.50 5 6.28m 6.13m 6.31m FOUL 6.02m 5.97m

4.       Shayla Howell Wyoming 6.28m 20-07.25 5 6.11m 6.28m FOUL FOUL FOUL 6.19m

5.       Jessica Barreira Unattached 6.26m 20-06.50 5 6.22m 6.26m FOUL FOUL 6.16m FOUL

6.    Aasha Marler Unattached 6.15m 20-02.25 4 5.93m 5.94m 5.94m 6.15m 6.11m ND

7.       Mahkaia Lee San Jose St. 6.13m 20-01.50 4 5.73m 5.95m 6.13m 5.67m 6.04m FOUL

8.       Naiah Boardingham Nevada 6.00m 19-08.25 4 5.84m 5.98m 5.40m 6.00m 5.42m 5.63m

9.       Ijeoma Uche California 5.96m 19-06.75 5 5.75m 5.96m 5.59m 5.92m 5.78m 5.76m

10.       Anna Rodgers Washington St. 5.92m 19-05.25 4 5.83m 5.92m 5.90m

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