Dawit Seyaum Wins Campaccio International Cross Country

Dawit Seyaum Wins Campaccio International Cross Country

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Ethiopia’s sensational athlete Dawit Seyaum has won the women’s 6km Campaccio International Cross Country in San Giorgio su Legnano, Italy on Thursday, 6 June 2022. Dawit Seyaum wins Campaccio International cross country.

The Campaccio International Cross Country is a World Athletics Cross Country Tour Gold in 2022.

After half of the race and after 9 minutes, a group of 9 athletes, including the blue Nadia Battocletti, who is still in fourth place, has formed in the women’s 6 km race, one of the most highly anticipated by fans.


The leading pack covered the first 2 kilometers in 6:38 seconds.

The pace progressively picks up, and after 14 minutes, the lead is still in 7th place (with the time in 13:03 seconds after 2 laps). The Africans have gathered, and Nadia looks to be undergoing a violent shift of pace.

The Africans are always very difficult to beat in long-distance events. The top 5 finishers were all from Africa.

As the pace intensified at 4 kilometers, seven racers remained at the front. Seyaum changed her pace between 4 and 5 kilometers, clocking a 2:49 split. The leading pack was reduced to five runners after 5 kilometers.


Seyaum, Chebet, and Daniel Ghebreyohannes surged away with 500 meters to go and battled it out for the win. Seyaum sprinted to the finish line in 18:48, only one second ahead of Atapuerca cross country winner Daniel Ghebreyohannes. Chebet was beaten for the second time this cross country season by Daniel Ghebreyohannes, and he had to settle for third place in 18:51, ahead of Belayneh (18:56) and Eisa (18:57). (18:57). (19:05).

Top 10 Women
1 Dawit Seyaum (ETH) – 18:48 seconds
2 Rahel Daniel Ghebreyohannes (ERI) – 18:49 seconds
3 Beatrice Chebet (KEN) 18:51
4 Fantaye Belayneh (ETH) 18:56
5 Medina Eisa (ETH) 19:05
6 Nadia Battocletti (ITA) 19:06
7 Klara Lukan (SLO) 19:06
8 Lucy Mawia (KEN) 19:15
9 Anna Arnaudo (ITA) 19:41
10 Eva Cherono (KEN) 19:58

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