Darkness Clouds Ghana’s Education

Darkness Clouds Ghana’s Education

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It appears as though the leadership of our educational sector is at sea as to what do in their attempt to alleviate the challenges of students. Darkness clouds Ghana’s education especially the government schools.

The leaders are now trying hard to worsen the problems confronting the Ghanaian students when it comes to academic matters. The most arguable part is the issue surrounding when exactly those who finished their Basic Education Certificate Examination, would be securing admissions into their various second circle institutions to further their studies.

Meanwhile our sources indicate that about 4000+ Basic Education Teachers have reportedly stopped teaching.

The issues faced with our education presently, is much to be desired. It is now clear that, the form one students would be returning to classes on: Monday, 4th April, 2022. But, the most mind bugging question is, what would they be in the house and be undertaking before and during that stipulated date?

You can see quite visibly that there is something wrong at somewhere. As it stands now, we can only patiently wait for that fateful day when it finally comes.

We are therefore, pleading with the students to keep on learning assiduously to prevail upon the devil whose intention is to find filthy works for the idle hands. Do not rest on your oars! Kudos!

By: Sir. Eric Godfred Nyameshie

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