COVID-19: Ghanaian Medical Doctors Doubt of Jab Rollout

COVID-19: Ghanaian Medical Doctors Doubt of Jab Rollout

COVID-19: Ghanaian Medical Doctors Doubt of Jab Rollout
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About eleven senior medical practitioners in Ghana, had written a lengthy passionate letter to the president of Ghana pertaining to his intended rollout of the so called national vaccination exercise. COVID-19: Ghanaian Medical Doctors doubt of jab rollout.

The concerned doctors enumerated countless reasons, citing the impotency of the vaccine. According to the members, some countries had earlier used the vaccine but there is no evidence or tangible proof that indeed they were fortified and saved by the usage of the much protested drug.


The Omicron variant has been reported by the World Health Organisation (WHO) the virus is spreading very fast due to its mild symptoms. WHO has advised all citizens to go for their jabs and also follow all the given protocols.

Wash your hands frequently under running water

Use alcohol based hand sanitiser

Social distance,

Wear your nose masks.


The World Health Organisation has said that all countries must try to vaccinate at least 70% of their population. The agenda for the WHO is that by mid 2022 at least more 70% of the world’s population will be vaccinated.

Whether the president is going to “bear with them” on what they had stated to him in the long drafted letter, we are waiting patiently to see what emanates out of that. We will keep you updated in case any other matter unfolds.

By: Sir. Eric Godfred Nyameshie

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