Confederation of African Athletics: Mauritius to host 22nd African Championships

Confederation of African Athletics: Mauritius to host 22nd African Championships

Mauritius will host the 22nd African Athletics Championships, according to the Confederation of African Athletics in 2022.

The Mauritius Athletics Association (AMA) has received official approval to proceed with its bid to host the 2022 Senior African Championships. The approval came after the July 9 meeting of the Council of Ministers. WADA has already notified the African Athletics Confederation (AAC) and is positioning itself as a candidate for membership in the organisation.

These competitions, which were originally set for 2020 in Algiers (Algeria), were postponed for the first time due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Only Cameroon was in the running for the organization until the end of May. If Mauritius’ candidature is accepted, the competition will be held in the Côte d’Or sports complex’s stadium. The CAA’s elected congress will also be held in the presence of the 54 member countries.

Note that the senior African championships were first held in Mauritius in 1992 at the Anjalay Coopen Stadium in Belle Vue, and then again in 2007 at the Germain Comarmond Stadium in Bambous. WADA was also given the honor of hosting the African Junior Championships (AJC). It happened in 2009, then again in 2013, both times in Bambous.

The African Championships were most recently held in Asaba (Nigeria) in 2018. Mauritius will host the 2022 edition from June 2 to 6.

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