Coaches And Athletes Threaten To Boycott National Cross Country 2022 If NSA Fails Pay Them The Previous Winning Package

Coaches And Athletes Threaten To Boycott National Cross Country 2022 If NSA Fails Pay Them The Previous Winning Package

A new planning and organizing committee had been set up for the National Cross Country, Akim Oda 2022 in the Eastern Region meanwhile the previous winning prize had not been paid to the athletes.

The National Sports Authority, Ghana is planning for the 2022 National Cross Country Championship. The next year’s championship will take place in the Eastern Region, Akim Oda.

The National Planning and Organising Committee for the Akim Oda 2022 National Cross Country Championship held its first meeting. The main agenda of the meeting was to start preparations ahead of the mega event which is about 5 -7 months away.


Although the planning committee didn’t specify the actual month in which the championship will be held. According to the dates of the previous event, they are mostly held in the month of February.

Meanwhile, in the last edition that was held barely some months ago, the winners have not still received the winning bonus that Professor Peter Twumasi, the General – Director of the National Sports Authority promised them. It was held on the 21st of February, 2021 in the capital town of the Western North Region, Sefwi Wiaso. The Western North Region is part of the six newly created regions currently in Ghana.

Most of the coaches and athletes are not happy with the way the National Sports Authority is treating them. It seems they don’t value athletics and they always take the coaches and athletes for granted. Meanwhile, most of the athletes depend on running for survival and they don’t have any other work for livelihood.  Coaches and athletes threaten to boycott National Cross Country 2022 if NSA fails pay them the previous winning package.


Present at the meeting were Mr. Kwame Baa Mensa, Chairman of the committee, Mr. Omaru Salisu, Chief Accountant, George Bankole, Chief Coach among other technical and support staffs of the National Sports Authority, Ghana Headquarters from Accra.

The National Cross Country Championship is mostly the first event on the sporting calendar in Ghana.

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